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CargoTek Trading Corp high Qaulity Importer of Logistics equipment for transport industry. 20' Eclip Ratchet Straps are our primary product.

Our main market is transportation industry in Canada and USA. Our products have gained high reputation......read more
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posted: May 30, 2012 in Tarping systems
Hotshot:have 36 foot gooseneck flatbed trailer triple axle 3500 dodge deisel can haul up to 16500 pounds haul. Will haul almost anything I can haul. Reasonable rates. Situated out of Red Deer area but will haul anywhere in alberta and also out of province......read more
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posted: Apr 6, 2012 in Tarping systems
Saimehr trucking established in 2011 when we started selling safety goods and Truck equipment. Whether it's Construction, Trucking, Towing we probably have what you are looking for! We have a wide range of chains, winch bars, safety clothing, highway......read more
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posted: Oct 15, 2011 in Tarping systems
Chameleon is the leader in the design and innovation of rolling tarp systems and many other transportation and storage solutions. Chameleon's mission is to provide fleets and owner-operators with reliable, easy to use, environmentally friendly products......read more
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posted: Apr 17, 2011 in Tarping systems
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posted: Dec 17, 2009 in Tarping systems
Western Canadian New and Used Trailer Dealer. Representing Wabash, Transcraft and Benson product lines....read more
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posted: Jan 20, 2009 in Tarping systems
Hayworth Equipment Sales is a heavy equipment dealership, a "one stop shop" offering trailers for gravel, oilfield, heavy haul, transportation, contruction and logging. We have end dumps, belly dumps, gravel boxes, low beds, folding and fixed necks, hayracks,......read more
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posted: Jan 6, 2009 in Tarping systems
Tracker is reputable in Custom manufacturing Farm End dumps and Grain/Gravel boxes throughout Alberta/Sask/Manitoba and including the Mid west USA since 2001....read more
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posted: Jan 13, 2005 in Tarping systems
A quick release tensioning system is one of Roll-Tite's key advantages. It allows one person to operate the system from the ground and provides an even tautness to the tarp. The driver merely loosens the tensioning posts at the rear of the deck and pushes......read more
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posted: Jan 13, 2005 in Tarping systems
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