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Pacific Coast Warehousing Ltd has been providing logistics solutions since 1990. We offer a full range of third party logistics services including warehousing, distribution and road & rail and crossdock services....read more
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British Columbia,Kelowna
posted: Jun 27, 2012 in Long Haul in Kelowna
Air Ride, Dry Van, Flatbed, Flat Deck, Food Transportation, Long Haul, Equipment moving, Rack and Tarp, Structural Moving, Truckload, Power Only, Short Haul,
British Columbia,Kelowna
posted: Sep 22, 2009 in Long Haul in Kelowna
Canadian and US Bonded Carrier, with a sterling safety record, Kel-West Carriers provides superior freight transportation service within Canada, between Canada and the USA, as well as service to Mexico. We also handle specialty overseas orders....read more
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British Columbia,Kelowna
Canada, United States, worldwide
posted: Jan 13, 2005 in Long Haul in Kelowna
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