Flat Deck Penticton British Columbia trucking and transportation companies.

Accredited Transport provides transport & Hotshot services to Western Canada. We are fully insured & licensed with certified drivers.

DOT#: 2509153
MC#: 870125
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Dangerous Goods, Dry Bulk, Flatbed, Flat Deck, Local, Long Haul, LTL, Equipment moving, Expedited, Pipe Hauling, Vehicle Transportation, Hotshot, Power Only, Short Haul,
British Columbia,Penticton
posted: Jan 22, 2014 in Flat Deck in Penticton
Containers, Flat Deck, Step deck, Truckload,
British Columbia,Penticton
Canada, United States
posted: Jan 13, 2005 in Flat Deck in Penticton
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